Video Game Tester Secrets – Video Game Tester – Get a Job As a Video Game Tester

Video Game Tester Secrets - Video Game Tester - Get a Job As a Video Game TesterClick Image To Visit SiteBut the industry wouldn’t make a dime without video game testers……And right now, I’m going to show YOU how I became a part of this elite group of video game testers and how I rake in thousands of dollars for my input….talk about having a sweet job!

Most parents tell their children to grow up, be somebody, and do something that they truly love. Well, this is your opportunity. YOU, the video game lover, can actually do something to help the development of the thriving video gaming industry.

But you won’t be someone just stocking shelves getting paid minimum wage at a big chain retail store.

No, your research testing video games is a crucial part of the industry’s success as a whole, so they need your feedback so they’ll know beforehand if the game they’ve developed is a winner or loser.

Hi, my name is Jack, an ordinary person just like you, who just like you not too long ago was trying to find myself. In all actuality, I had already found myself. I knew what I loved doing and I knew what made me happy.

The problem is that everyone else around me didn’t care too much for what I loved to do, which is play video games all day long.

It got to the point to where I didn’t even want to go to church because even the church folk started giving me a hard time about my obsession with playing games all day.

What it boiled down to is that I was trying to adapt to what other people wanted me to be and who other people wanted me to be…… instead of doing what “I” truly loved.

I mean, my entire life, it was drilled… Read more…