SWTOR Secrets – The #1 Bestselling Star Wars Guide

SWTOR Secrets - The #1 Bestselling Star Wars GuideClick Image To Visit SiteBelieve me… It is not about the side of light or darkness – it’s about the pros and the noobs.

Whether you are on the side of the republic or the empire, it doesn’t matter because no one will bring along a noob on intense operations or space battles because everyone is busy watching their own back. Heck, they would sooner trust their Wookie companions compared to a human player because:

Know this… there are countless poor saps out there in the galaxy spending sleepless nights wandering around from planet to planet scavenging scraps with hopes that they will create a rare item.

Others fight battle after battle hoping to level up easily but after months after months of cutting and shooting, they still haven’t reached level 50!

Just when you think of missing another birthday party or hitting the Friday night clubs, your addiction for the game or for the rewards kicks in and a few dozen hours are gone again.

Your girlfriend/boyfriend screams or texts you with death threats if you spend another minute in front of the computer.

Your grades plummet or your employer notices those thick dark rings around your eyes again.

You look starved as you skip another meal or bloated as the only thing you do is click a mouse and eat junk food (how convenient since you don’t have to prepare or cook…)

You are a smart guy who knows better than to sacrifice your personal life and throw everything away just because of a game…

My name is Tony Sanders but I’ve been more commonly known as ‘T-Dub’ in the gaming world and I know why you are here.

Therefore, I’m not going to waste any time telling you how good my guide is first… Read more…