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Shop - Join - Eve MogulClick Image To Visit Site"Firstly i would like to thank you for you awesome videos on your site, was a little reluctant at first to donate, you know what its like on the internet these days, but i must say they are fantastic videos and have helped me a load, i now have something to work with. So like i said thank you muchly :)"

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"Firstly i would just like to say a big thanks for your very helpful trading guide videos. They have been an enormous help to me on my alt…"

This series has more than paid for itself. I particularly like his trading pvp stuff. Helped me identify their competition, their patterns, and hopefully, get inside their heads a little."

"…i’ve reached 1.5 billion from 40 million start this is quite ridiculous i cant thank you enough for the guides."

"Hello there! I registered to your videos and watched them all just now, and I have only one word to describe them: AMAZING! Seriously, it’s incredible how well you break it all down and make it accessible."

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