Sale – Doody Strike: Poachers vs Poo – C – Doody Strike

Sale - Doody Strike: Poachers vs Poo - C - Doody StrikeClick Image To Visit Site(Screenshots are from the highly rated mobile version of the game, which is no longer available – sorry)

In this hilarious indie developed action game, you’re a baby elephant in a jetpack who uses poo as a weapon to save mama elephant from the poachers who captured her. Your weapon of choice, poo, changes based on what you eat. Your poop can be fully automatic or semi-auto, as well as changing consistency, range, size, and damage.

I’ve included massive amounts of realism in this game, so be sure to experiment. For instance, you may want to try firing poo of different consistencies at the helicopter rotors to see what happens. As you can imagine, eating the watermelon and firing diarrhea at the rotors doesn’t do anything, and a normal dump gets blows by them, but see what happens when you drop a hard constipated poo on them after eating a couple of cheeses in a row – BAM!

Did you know that you can also fizzle out an RPG or a bomb fuse with diarrhea? Did you know you can re-light a bomb or set a tree on fire with a flaming poo after eating a hot pepper? There are also switches that only respond to the weight of a heavy poop. Play around. Eat the different foods, and see what you can doo. In fact, it’s your doody to do so. I’ve put countless hours into making this the funniest and best jetpack game ever, so go take a dump on a parachute or in a cannon, enjoy your BM, and enjoy the game.

We’re so confident you’ll love this game, we’re offering a 60 day, money back guarantee!

What’s the catch?  No catch.  If you don’t love this… Read more…